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The FCA Feed Department has locations in Kiester, Minnesota, and Leland, Iowa, to suit your many and diverse livestock needs, as well as offering bagged feeds at our Forest City, Iowa, location. 
We carry all types of feeds from two different suppliers, Hubbard Feeds of Mankato, Minnesota, and Form-A-Feed of Stewart, Minnesota.
We also carry livestock equipment such as Smidley feeders and gates, Schuld/Bushnell bulk tanks, fans, motors, curtain controllers, automated feed line accessories, and much more!
The Kiester location offers complete custom mixed swine feeds delivered with a 15-ton straight truck as well as several types of bagged feeds along with Crystalyx Barrels for your convenience. 
Our Leland location offers the same type of products and services as the Kiester location, as well as complete custom mixed cattle feeds delivered with either a 15-ton straight truck or one of two nine-ton straight trucks.
Don’t forget about your pets! FCA carries several types of products for your dogs, cats and other furry friends.
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FCA carries Hubbard and Form-A-Feed swine feeds and will also toll mill other feeds. From the farrowing barn to the finisher, FCA has you covered with the latest technology in swine nutrition. Complete feeds, commodity ingredients, performance enhancing additives, premixes and starter feeds are all available.
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We also offer:        
ration balancing services ingredient testing
producer alignment pig sourcing
facility sourcing profit projections
feed budgets equipment
facility walk-throughs grain and commodity banking/booking

Beef and Dairy


FCA is proud to support the diverse beef and dairy operations in our area. Because no two operations are alike, individual support and a broad range of products are necessary to give the excellent service we strive for. We carry a vast line of products from instantized milk replacers, calf nutritional boosters and dairy complemixes to coproduct balancers, pasture minerals and starter, grower and finisher pellets.
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We also offer:
ration balancing services ingredient testing
producer alignment profit projections
equipment facility walk-throughs
closeouts bunk reading training
implan strategy planning mineral program planning
grain and commodity banking/booking  

Crystalyx is the original low-moisture block. This high quality product line offers the flexibility and quality to get more out of your cattle, sheep, and goats from consistently delivered protein, minerals, or fly control and many combinations thereof. With several container options, FCA has the Crystalyx product for your operation. In the face of ever increasing feeds and forages, let Crystalyx help your livestock get more out of what they already have.
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All Natural Products

For those of you who want an antibiotic-free feed with no animal proteins for your own piece of mind or to fit into a specific feeding program, FCA carries the Homestead line from Hubbard. This feed line offers high quality reliable ingredients to support natural feeding programs. This line covers beef, swine, and poultry feeds.
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Show Feeds
Looking for an extra edge for show day? Try or selection of ShowRite Feeds and Platinum Plus show feed additives! We stock a wide variety of show feeds for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. Show cattle feeds come in a complete texturized form with Amaferm and Zinpro Performance minerals, or we can make customized feeds as well. Show feeds for goats include the Glen Martin line which also includes Amaferm and Zinpro Performance minerals. ShowRite feeds for your show pig include the ever popular 50MG starter, as well as complete finishing products and custom mixes put together in our own mill using the show pig 10.0 premix.



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