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Kingsley Johnson  05/16/14 8:23:48 AM

Kingsley Johnson went to work for Farmers Coop Association on April 14, 2014, to become location manager in Kiester after spending 25 years with another cooperative in the area.

Kingsley grew up on a farm near Riceville and earned a degree in Ag Education from Iowa State University.  His career in agriculture began when he was vo-ag teacher in Thompson. Later he began farming with his father-in-law, worked in construction for a few years, then got back into agriculture working with another cooperative. He handled grain and fertilizer, counter sales, and was location manager in Thompson before joining Farmers Coop Association.

“I enjoy working with customers. It’s the best part of the job,” Kingsley remarked. “I like helping to solve problems.”

Over the past 25 years in the cooperative business, Kingsley has noticed several changes including the size of farm enterprises growing larger and technology which has revolutionized production agriculture. Making the change to work at Farmers Coop Association, Kingsley looks forward to working with a full-service coop intent on offering services to meet all the needs of their patrons.

“The people here are really dedicated to taking care of their customers,” Kingsley stated. “What I see here is people who are really happy – customers have really good interaction with employees.”

Kingsley plans to be a hands-on manager who works with the grain and agronomy business at our Kiester location, working closely with customers and Farmers Coop Association staff.

Kingsley lives near Thompson with his wife, Cyndy. They have three children, Kelsey, Jeremiah, and Kirsten, three grandchildren, Anna, Zachary, and Nathanial, and both Kingsley and Cyndy are involved in their church where Cyndy is the organist and choir director. In his spare time, Kingsley’s hobby is blacksmithing, creating elaborate metal artwork. He also serves on the Winnebago County Fair Board. 
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